Chicano Live!

Rafael Chicano aka ChicanoLive!, born in Spain and musically raised in London, ChicanoLive! has learnt night after night all of the secrets that involves the underground London scene, not only he is a respected dj for his intelligent sets but also he organize, design and promotes his very own events. In 2003 he moved to London, where a big transition in dance music was taking place, micro-house and minimal-techno were becoming very influential at the time and he was hugely impressed by the amount of music that the industry was putting on his hands, being then able to set an style and define the line and sound that today got him in between house, techno, dub and electronica, all with a pinch of cutting edge, irreverent, hypnotic and deep approach.

He is founder and resident of the “label and producers showcase” Bread & Butter, together with Julius [Presslab] they have brought to a vibrant and intimate level guest such as Italoboyz [get physical], Audiofly [get physical], Giles Smith [secretsundaze], Justin Drake [peacedivision], , Shur I Kan [freerange], King Roc [twoarmadillos], Kamishake [yoshitoshi], Rob Melo [disco45] to name but a few, also the party holds a bi-monthly residency at legendary club Ministry of Sound since 2008.