Eric la Casa

La Casa describe su trabajo como un interrogante sobre la percepción de la realidad. Definir en que consiste la música de hoy es una de sus constantes representaciones.

Éric la Casa creó un discurso sonoro multicanal único y efímero, mediante grabaciones de campo realizadas en Córdoba los dias previos a su actuación.

The propagation of sound in a locale is a complex vibratory / undulatory phenomenon which involves acoustic measurement just as much as it involves aesthetic appreciation. How to account for the size of things by their sonic properties? Beyond technical protocol, listening becomes tied up in the surfaces of the world. Recordings, sonic readings, open out into a musical form which reactivates a perception of that which surrounds us, whether visible or not; a reinjection.
Thus, for fifteen years or so, my musical practice has been a series of experimentations / improvisations with this sonic locale. As it passes through my microphones, the site of the survey – everyday life – is transformed into a site of play. The dimensions of the real world generate sonic representations whose proportions found another perspective on the world.