SXP2011 members

Juan Cantizzani
Founder and coordinator of Weekend Proms. Since 1999 he directs the International Creation Meeting Sensxperiment. He coordinates the MASE (I Exhibition of Spanish Sound Art) and ZAJ “Musical teather concert” publications. Currently he achieves a bachelor in Art-Science speciality, between the Royal Academy of Arts and the Conservatory from Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Pablo Sanz
Multidisciplinary explorer fascinated by sound phenomena. His creative activities have been based mostly in the practice of remix and the use and abuse of appropriated and found elements, with incursions in the fields of photography, djing, sound art and live video, besides of collaborating in editorial and curatorial projects. His main interests nowadays are the relations between sound, space and perception, soundscape and phonography. Since 2007 lives and works in The Netherlands, where currently he is a student of ArtScience at the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatorium of The Hague.

José Luis Espejo
He studied Art History and Visual Culture at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. His final degree project studied some political uses of sound in art. He has write and talk about these subjects in several sound art festivals and other places. He is part of the independent investigation group Numax. Lately he is interested in the relationship among sound, politics, religion and other insane deviations of popular culture.

Blanca Rego
Fascinated with cinema since an early age, she studied filmmaking, realising soon that she was not very interested in classical narratives, so she began experimenting with image, sound and text in a non traditional sense. As a professional, she has worked mainly as translator, editor and multimedia designer, specially with web and video. Nowadays her personal work evolves in particular around the subjects of rain, noise, chaos and void, so much in a literal sense as from a conceptual point of view. She is also keen on visual music, perception and the aesthetics of fragmentation.

Juan Gil
Bachelor of Musicology from University of Oviedo. Member of During the last years he has developed several researches in the area of ethnomusicology and contemporary music, working in several interdisciplinary research projects (relationships between music and art). Currently he is studying a doctorate in art and music, writing his thesis about aurality, soundscape and the use of environmental sounds in sound creation.

Miguel Álvarez Fernandez
Sound artist, musicologist and sound art curator. Composition studies at the Conservatory of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, as well as in Germany (Darmstadt, Kürten, Berlin) and other Spanish institutions (like the Benedictine Abbey of the Holy Cross in the Valle de los Caídos). B.A. in Law from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Member, along with Asia Piascik and Stefan Kersten, of DissoNoiSex, an art project that explores the connections between sound and sex. In 2004-2005 he curated, in collaboration with María Bella, the public sound art project “Itinerarios del sonido”. He has lectured at the Technische Universität Berlin and at the Universidad de Oviedo, where he is finishing his PhD at the Department of Art History and Musicology. Since 2008 directs and presents at Radio Clásica (RNE, Spanish National Radio) the weekly broadcast Ars Sonora.

Sergio Millán

Juan Antonio Cuevas

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